Low feeling creeping up

Stealthy in the night

But not only in the night.

The day

The day seems longer;

It drags and stretches,

There’s an extra hour, there has to be,

Is it time to stop yet? Can I pause and take five?

Why do I feel this way,

When yesterday I was so high?

Crashing down to an abrupt end. But will it end?

There is no light at the end for this tunnel has no end.

End. Just end. I’ll close my eyes and hope it comes.

My eyes close but my brain carries on. No rest for you,

There are too many thoughts to process in this empty abyss.

This chaotic silence is crippling my senses.

Just give me a clue, just one. Tell me why.

I’m not privy to the secrets my mind wants to keep,

Don’t find that offensive, don’t take this personally.

Easier said than done.

For now I’ll ignore it.

Tomorrow I’ll rise, higher and mightier.

Open your eyes.

Am I wiser?